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Executive Woman

Fighting Fit

Talwalkars is now the official fitness partner for Hunt for Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011

For the first time, the country’s largest chain of health clubs with over 75 gyms across 38 cities — Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited (TBVFL) — announced its association as the official fitness partner of one of the most awaited events in India; Hunt for Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011. CEO Prashant Talwalkar says, “Today, we lead within the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry of India. Our strategy is to associate with lifestyle properties which are in sync to the company’s long term promise of spreading fitness. In future, one can look for many more such initiatives.” Talwalkars, today is a well established name not just within the Fitness & Wellness Industry but also amongst a huge mass of fitness devotees. “Hunt for Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011 is a strategic step towards defining our brand positioning and enhancing the brand recall. We are looking forward to creating many more such brand associations in the rapidly expanding wellness segment in India”, comments Nitin Shakdher, Vice-President, Marketing.

A special workout regime has been created for the participants that will help them in obtaining the perfect toned body and look, synonymous with the company’s frame perfect formula. This formula is strongly reckoned by the company and is driven by its corporate theory: “A healthy body is the perfect complement to a brilliant mind”. Aspiring participants of the hunt will be trained vigorously at Talwalkars state-of-the-art facilities across India. A distinctive team comprising of fitness experts, nutritionists, trainers and physiotherapists will counsel and instruct all participants, ensuring that a perfect regimen of a healthy body, mind and spirit is adhered to.

Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Ltd., the country’s largest chain of health clubs with over 76 gyms across 39 cities has now launched its first health club in the vibrant city of Rajkot, Gujarat as well as Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh.

Over the last year, Talwalkars has been aggressively undergoing an expansion drive that is spreading fitness to new cities such as Rajahmundry & Jaipur, along with other cities in the North and East.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Prashant Talwalkar, CEO, said, “We are extremely happy to open our first health club in the city of Rajkot. This city has the potential to become a major commercial hub of the state and we hope that we can spread fitness to the residents of this vibrant city.” The Talwalkars health club at Rajkot comprises of the latest international fitness & cardio equipments, personal trainers, dietitians, nutrition centre and follows a planned holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Anant Gawande, CFO and Whole time Director comments “With the Rajkot opening, we have further consolidated our leadership position in the health & fitness industry in India. We are also looking at aggressively expanding into many other cities in the Northern and the Eastern regions as well.” q


Indian women CEOs are increasingly being

driven by (and in) luxury cars like


A four-person picnic set finished in polished aluminum, veneer and leather is the latest commissioned feature to be brought to life by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars� in-house Bespoke design and engineering team.  It is just one of around 100 new highly personalised and unique engineering bespoke features that have been developed at Goodwood in the last 18 months.

�Bespoke is the jewel in our crown, the perfect complement to our luxury product line-up,� explained Torsten M�ller-�tv�s, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO.  �Customers expect a Rolls-Royce Phantom to be tailored to their individual desires and our team of talented designers and craftspeople are more than happy to deliver.�

What is Rolls-Royce Bespoke?
When Rolls-Royce customers commission a Phantom, they demand more than just a list of standard features and options.  Fulfilling that need for personalised service falls to the Bespoke programme.

Bespoke includes the development of anything from the most understated feature such as personalised tread plates, contrast stitching and seat piping to a bold expression of a customer�s desires in the form of personalised veneers and unique exterior paints.  Then there are stunning creations like luggage, glassware and the opulent picnic set, all designed in-house at Goodwood.

The programme is run by a small cross functional team encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing and sales.  In 2009, Bespoke reached record levels.  75% of all Phantom models made last year included some element of Bespoke, compared to around 50% of cars delivered five years ago.  Most Phantom family cars sold in the Asia Pacific region feature commissioned bespoke elements.

�We always endeavour to surpass the expectations of our loyal and discerning clientele,� added Thomas G. Jefferson Bespoke sales manager. �Through strong relationships with our dealer network, the Bespoke team�s aim is to create cars as unique and individual as the clients themselves.�

The Bespoke picnic set was first shown in Villa d�Este, Italy in April 2010.  It came to the UK�s exclusive Salon Priv� at the Hurlingham Club in London from 21 to 23 July 2010.  Members of the design team were on hand each day to talk to media about the Bespoke design programme.   


Now Available In India:
Artificial Knee Designed Specifically For Women

It was when Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former prime minister, went in for knee replacement that India woke up to the concept in a big way. Today knee replacement has come a long way. And we now have a gender-specific artificial knee developed especially for women considering their form factor. This is important because of the fact that almost 70 per cent of patients going in for knee replacements are women. This ratio holds true not just in India but across the world as well.
The knee joint is composed of three bones: the end of the femur (thighbone), the top of the tibia (shinbone) and the patella (kneecap), which are all held together by tendons and ligaments and cushioned by cartilage. Knees can become painful, due to arthritis, injury and infection, which cause deterioration of the cartilage. When the cartilage is gone, the bones of the knee grind against each other, wearing away and typically causing severe pain. Total knee replacement involves removing the portion of bone that is damaged and resurfacing the knee with metal and plastic implants. Historically, implants used for knee replacement have been designed based upon an average between the size of women’s and men’s knees.
According to Dr. Yogesh Chaudhari, Consultant – Joint Replacement / Arthroscopy Surgeon based at Nasik, “Taking the title of the international bestseller literally — Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus — few know that women’s skeletal features are different from men. The most important difference is that since women have a wider pelvis as compared to men, the angle between the thigh bone (femur) and leg bone (tibia) is wider as well.
“A woman’s knee is generally smaller mediolaterally as compared to that of a man as well, but the size of the femoral component to be used is determined by the front to back dimensions. However, despite these anatomical differences, the same prosthesis components were being used in both men and women until now. This generally causes mismatch and may compromise the final outcome of knee replacement.”
The number of Indian women opting in for knee replacement has risen significantly in the recent past. Most orthopedic surgeons therefore had to make adjustments in the traditional implants available before fitting them into female patients. Generally knee implants have thickness in front which gives a bulky feeling to the patients. As compared to men, women often experienced more pain post-knee replacement, longer recovery time and reduced range of motion.
However, now a knee implant called Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee is available in India to alleviate the pain and misery that women had to go through and Indian happens to be the third country in the world post USA and Australia to benefit from this implant.
Todate, over 75,000 such implants have been used on patients all across the world successfully. The design of this implant is based on computer imaging of women, it is narrower, thinner and tracks at a different angle to match women’s shape and size. Since it is thinner, the knee replacement feels natural and the bulky feeling is done away with. It has a contoured shape propor-
tioned to fit a woman’s anatomy. Most importantly, it allows for full knee flexion. In fact, patients can sit cross-legged on the floor and there is no kneecap discomfort whatsoever. The best part is this knee implant for women has been developed after collecting and analyzing computer tomography scans on more than 800 femurs and patellas from both female and male knees. q

l Takes into consideration the female form factor
l About two-thirds or 70 per cent of patients opting for knee replacement are women
l Over 75,000 women worldwide have been successfully implanted with ‘gender knee’ so far

Travel: Exotic Location

C’est La Vie!

Kishore and Smita Iyengar live up the most exquisitely enchanting experiences on island haven Mauritius.


From the liberal balcony of our sprawling Ocean Suite, lavender-tinged coves and flaming crimson-brushed bays embroidered the grand luxury resort ‘Le Touessrok’ setting off seductive mirth with tropical flair. This was the island paradise of Mauritius where colors wash and wean across the spatial expanses with seamless drama. Across this lavish five star tropical hospitality haven on the tranquil Trou D’Eau Douce Bay are two of it’s own getaway islands with their pristine shores undulating into the Indian Ocean. Lagoon villas and meandering turquoise pools contrast lush green foliage and private beach stretches where the affluently discerning heli-hop down to unwind, retreat and revive urban spirits.
Our private jet boat dash across the ultramarine waters to their private island jetty of ‘The Island of Deers’ or ‘Ille Aux Cerfs’ uplifted our spirits. Russel Hannah, Golf Manager buggy-drove us down to their 18-hole Par 72 Championship Golf Course designed by the ace Bernhard Langer. Vantage tee decks on hillocky greens and liberal fairways make up this award-winning golf course, the calm lagoons and azure sea offering picture postcard pause between swings. Innovative Indian Chef Ramesh Bundi and colleague Chef Rishiraj had laid out tropical delights for us at the tiny private deserted island of ‘Illot Mangenie’ an exclusive haven reserved only for residents of ‘Le Touessrok’.
Enlivened by a thrilling South African 2008 ‘Klein Constantia Chardonnay’, the mind-stilling vistas of the fantastic Indian Ocean with changing aquamarines added to our beachcombing sojourn.


Life’s unforgettable moments come and vanish in a wink of the eyelids, but embedded into our recall cells deep in the mind’s unknown recesses, are poignant memories. To top up our stay at ‘Le Touessrok’, the boutique ‘Givenchy’ Designer Spa at ‘le Touessrok’ ensured that our ninety minute dedicated aroma massage left us delightfully rejuvenated and revitalized. That night a perfect a 2002 Tattinger Rose Champagne at the bar at ‘Barlen’s’ lead us to langor over life’s finer offerings.
Asian-styled plantation design with graceful luminance cast comforting glows within this elite beachside restaurant. Our evening was colored with culinary accents of a six-course calibrated wine and dine experience at ‘Barlen’s’ , skillfully conducted by unassuming Executive Chef Barnaby Jones and his talented team with Chef Kiran master-minding our tastes to exciting culinary expectancy. The mouth-melting Amuse Bouche –‘Pumpkin Cream scented with cinnamon Taro root Tortellini’ and ‘Braised Heart of Palm with fresh coconut water jelly, green herb oil’ paired with a crisp ‘Vin de Pays Cote de Gascogne-Domain Guilliman 2009, was an exhilarant start.
The second surprising offerings were ‘Sago and potato Cake, vegetables with Bechamel sauce Braised Asparagus’ and a fabulously rendered ‘Organic Jackfruit Curry with pine nuts and raisins’ married with a 2008 South African Stellenbosch Thelema Cabinet. The fresh tropical fruit platter waltz along with a chilled Sauternes 2006 from France.
Dramatic pinnacle tops, lush, rolling countryside swathed by winking sunshine and sweep-smattering rain, endless frames of the Indian Ocean’s changing azures brought us to a hilltop haven for some ‘spirited’ encounters… to the boutique, designer award-winning resort-Rhumerie de Chamarel, located in misty sylvan countryside. Outstanding white and flavored Agricole rums got us revved up as we sampled one organic rum after the other, devoid of the sweet leit motif that sugarcane is supposed to lend on eager tongues. After a liberal dose of the Gold Medal and Silver Medal white and the Coffee-steeped, fantastic vanilla-ingested and the ‘Coeur de Chauffe’ colored rum marvels we experienced 40% volume inching us into a holidaying skittishness!
The classy restaurant ‘L’Alchemiste’ at Rhumerie de Chamarel serves oomph in fine dining and our three-course light-n-crisp French- Mauritian servings like “Risotto Arborio deer sausage, sage Tempura’ over a superb 2006 South African ‘Fleur de Cap’ Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot was to say the least, a treat for our palates.
We headed out that afternoon to Port Louis the capital where the uber-modern Caudan Waterfront shopping mall drew our lure over pedigree Kimberley diamonds and South African gold, designer apparel, eclectic and prized aroma therapy oils and fragrances, authentic Mauritian art and prêt wear.


We breezed past country lanes and sugarcane plantations along panoramic coastal roads to picturesque Flic et Flac in Wolmar. Around the gentle lagoon waves on the sprawling Sugar Beach Resort’s open seafront, instant calm and tranquility infected our nerves. As the evening blues shifted tones across the surf beyond to fleeting vermillion, our friend Viren Chetty’s welcome went beyond the invitingly chilled 2007 South African Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc. At ‘Tides’ the breezy eco-designed beachside restobar it was ‘Crisp lemon-glazed salad of Palm Hearts (A Mauritian specialty) with peppers and parsley with Green Chillies and Mint Dip’. The windsurfers gliding past our visions seemed oblivious of the inviting aromas of ‘Fresh Tempura rolls in cheese sauce’.
Plantation-styled design habitats, sprawling open lawns and graceful palms worked their natural presence to lull us into relaxed revival. The deft expert hands that worked their aromatic magic on our tired limbs endorsed our stilled, langorous pace at ‘Aura’ the Sugar Beach Resort’s designer garden-n-ponds spa. Recharged with fresh vitality we sized up that evening’s six-course fine wining and dining sojourn at the rustic Italian-designed ‘Citronella’s Café’ created by energetic chef Kallooa Vijranand and Sommelier Jean Michel Nanette.
That took us through a mélange of Mauritian, Italian, French and Mauritian-Indian specialties. The fare mingled around ‘Lentil Capuccino with Spinach Ravioli’ matched with an Italain Bawa Gavi di Gavi 2008 , Palm Heart Curry, Sauteed Watercress paired with a fine Bawa Thou Bianc 2007’. Outstanding Mauritian nuggets bowled us over with ‘Vegetable Pakorah served with coriander-mint sauce’ that did well with a rare and exceptional Tuscan 2000 Melini Brunello di Montalcino red. The gentle sea breeze retarded our pace into the wee hours of the noir.


Individual designer villas color the exquisite private beach overlooking the Indian ocean and forefront lagoon fronds at the high-end, ultra-swank Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita inhabiting contemporary design with eco-sensitive architecture and art forms. An uppercrust haven of stylized, elegant living, our beachfront villa welcomed us with instant calm and the sounds of lapping silence.
That evening as gentle breezes uplifted our celebration moods on the ledge of the outer deck, the seductive candle light ambience of ‘Acquapazza’ emanated true blue Italian aromas. Located on the Four Seasons Resort’s private island ‘Ile aux Chats’ the evocative contemporary Italian cuisine and vintage wines totally bedazzled us. Celestial Constellations and zillion nocturnal spots lit up the night in a rare spectacle.
Not doing anything seemed so very conveniently suitable for us in such haloed surrounds where sand, sea and surf play hide-n-seek with hyper colobus cloud formations adding kaleidoscopic drama to a spatial canvas. But a spot of swing on the 11th Hole on the Ernie Elf Championship Four Seasons Golf Club is as exhilarating as the spectacular sea views beyond the water’s edge at Anahita. The magnificently designed world class golf course was our morning coffee, the golfers and caddies busy toiling the turf until noon. Graceful luxury yachts and dare devil speedboats whipped up swathes of foaming white across an unbelievably dazzling ultramarine-and-cerulean Indian Ocean.
Gastronomy here stirs up appetizing anticipation at each of the Four Seasons Resort’s specialty outlets and ours was a total surprise by the waterfront. Vibrant Indian Chef Kapil Sharma stirred up his traditional authentic ‘Desi’ delights with five-star finesse at the poolside restobar ‘Bambou’. That crimson night, within the twinkling, starry enscons of the private Wine Cellar at ‘Beau Champ’ we occupied dazzling stools and fibre optic wine glass darts for an exquisite fine wines-paired, custom-dining extravaganza inspiringly innovated by sprightly young chef Julio O. Sanz Frappier.
Nothing ever could come close to the fabulous signature fare covering delicacies like ‘Chickpeas+Mint Milkshake Souffle’ for Amuse Bouche with a fine Iona 2009 South African Sauvignon Blanc and an intriguing ‘Mushroom Carpaccio red Porto Reduction’ paired marvelously with a Australian-Victoria Rosemount Pinot Noir 2007. Chef Julio’s mains spelt svelt class with ‘Basil Ravioli, tomato and creamy asparagus’ married with a South African Glen Carlou 2008 Chardonnay and an unsual, truly innovative ‘Venere Risotto, vegetable pearls and lime juice’ aptly synched with a fine Italian-Piemonte 2007 Libera Bawa, Barbera D’Asti Rosso.


Evenings settle early on Mauritius’ waterfronts as we crossed natural water bodies, lilly ponds and landscaped corners to step into ‘Spoon de Iles’. Devised as a world class gourmet destination by fabled global celebrity Michelin Star French Chef Alain Ducasse, this boutique fine wining and dining jewel at the stuning five star destination ‘One and Only Le Saint Geran’ effuses avant garde assertion to the contemporary hilt. Unassuming and instantly friendly, Executive Chef Maxime Luvara personally led us through what we ratify as one of the finest dining experiences anywhere The courses were strikingly creative. Refreshing ‘Warm and chilled Palm Heart Salad paired with a Tedesch ‘Monte Tenoia’ Soave Classico 2007 Veneto Italian white. Chef Maxime’s superb ‘Veloute of Pumpkin, ricotta ravioli, white mushrooms’ matched with a Chilean Baron Phillipe de Rothschild Escuido Rojo 2008 Chardonnay was music to ur tastebuds. Nothing was left to chance as we chatted about gastronomic delights and surprises…The ‘Artisan Pasta with Tomato, cooked in a cast iron pot’ stole the show with ace Master Sommelier’s Jacquie Lewis’ fine choice,-‘Teklan Pinot Nero 2008-Alto-Adige, Italy’. The ‘Coupe Cheesecake’ was the Encore we applauded with a French Chateau de La Roulerie, Cote du Layon, Loire Valley wine.
Nothing more needed to be said. Sante. C’est La Vie!


Island Paradise Mauritius lives up to it’s global appeal as a fascinating MICE, incentive travel and corporate travel-focused destination. With world class luxury resorts, exquisite accommodation, eclectic, award-winning fine wining and dining and niche indulgences, it excels in it’s uniqueness to appeal to this premium segment of high-end visitors seeking unforgettable lifetime experiences.

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